The IRCP promotes the international exchange of information and experience related to the provision of flexible and reliable health care services to residents of rural and remote areas using novel health care delivery models and to be a resource to public policy makers, systems managers, and others. While its focus is on rural and remote medicine, the lessons learned may prove beneficial to the better provision of urban health care.

June 3-4, 2016

12th Annual International Roundtable on Community Paramedicine

Co-located with the PCC Conference - May 31 - June2, 2016



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The IRCP facilitates discussions, meetings and research focused on designing systems which will ensure patients’ needs continue to be met in environments and circumstances where health services are less available and provision of care is increasingly challenging. Integral to this vision is the provision of services by paramedics with “expanded scope” and “expanded role”. These “Second Generation” Paramedics (G2P) will provide services through unique models of delivery and enhanced protocols through an integrated collaborative network with other health care providers.

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